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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I purchase beef from Tennessee Natural Beef certified farms or businesses?

It depends upon your personal preferences. There are many reasons someone might purchase beef from participants in this program. One reason is production practices are assured to be in line with those of the Tennessee Natural Beef Program. All farms and businesses that participate in our program are audited and inspected. They must meet all criteria, or they are removed from participation.

Another reason is that the product is local. All beef is guaranteed Tennessee born, raised, and finished in the state of Tennessee. When you buy form a Tennessee farmer, you are supporting your local economy. You are able to see the growth of your local economy through the business you are supporting.

Quality is a big reason to purchase Tennessee Natural Beef. Participating farms have worked hard to provide a superior product than the average beef cut. By knowing your farmer, you can see the extra steps they take to ensure you are getting a first rate hamburger or juicy steak.

Where can I find Tennessee Natural Beef?

A listing of certified farms and businesses can be found on this website. The Tennessee Natural Beef Program has participants in many areas of the state.

Is all Tennessee Natural Beef the same?

No! Tennessee Natural Beef certified producers are required to follow the production practices listed in the program regulations. However, most farms follow other separate production practices that they believe create a higher quality product such as grass-fed, corn-fed, and others. It is up to you to decide which characteristics are most important to you based on the taste of the beef. You can also check out our listings of producers and their contact information to learn more about their products.

More Information:

Interested consumers should contact Wendy Sneed, Tennessee Department of Agriculture Livestock Marketing Specialist.
(615) 837-5309 or Wendy.Sneed @tn.gov..

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