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Tennessee Natural Beef Program

Today’s consumers are very interested in knowing their farmer, where the farmer is from, and the farmer’s production practices on the farm. Today’s farmers are working to meet this need and the importance of good communication between farmers and their consumers cannot be understated.

What is Tennessee Natural Beef?
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Tennessee Natural Beef certified producers and businesses must follow strict regulations to participate in this program.
Here are the criteria that you can be assured of Tennessee Natural Beef:

  • No antibiotics
  • No artificial hormones and/or growth promotants
  • Animals are fed a vegetarian diet free of avian or mammalian by-products
  • Farmers must be Tennessee Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) certified and adhere to sound animal husbandry and humane care guidelines as outlined by the Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association
  • Animals must be born, raised, and finished within the borders of the State of Tennessee
  • Meat must be minimally processed with no added artificial colorings or preservatives

More Information:

Interested consumers should contact Wendy Sneed, Tennessee Department of Agriculture Livestock Marketing Specialist.
(615) 837-5309 or Wendy.Sneed @tn.gov.

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